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What are average UK salaries in digital marketing?

Digital marketing describes the promotion of products or services through a range of digital channels such as Email or Paid search. A digital marketer might be working across a range of areas or build a specialism in just one and there are a large number of different opportunities for people wanting to work in this field.


The pandemic led to companies shifting a lot of their focus and budgets to digital marketing with demand for digital marketing roles growing by 52% and although this has dropped slightly the sector is still growing. 


With so much variety it can be hard to know what it is possible to earn in this area and we have tried to help.

Salaries for Digital marketing jobs in the UK have a wide range and are dependent on factors like

  • Where in the country the job is

  • What specialism the role is for

  • How much experience is needed


The variance in responsibility and skills needed within the sector can be large, ranging from an entry level Social media marketing internship up to a Director of Paid marketing managing a team of 20 and a budget of £10m, with salaries differing accordingly.


Digital Marketing Salaries by Regions


The amount you can hope to earn will be different depending on where the job is based.


As with most jobs London pays the best, however this needs to be balanced against the higher living costs there and both Manchester and Birmingham also have a good average salary with costs lower.


Below are some estimates for the average salary in digital marketing in some of the UK’s biggest cities from Total jobs.


London - £42,500

Manchester - £37,500

Birmingham - £37,500

Liverpool - £29,000

Glasgow - £32,500


Digital Marketing Specialisms


The area of Digital marketing you work in also has a large impact on how much you can make.


We’ve listed a selection of the average salaries for different specialisms below.


General digital marketing - £37,500.

CRM - £32,500

PPC - £37,500

Social media marketing - £29,500

Product marketing £47,500

Marketing analyst - £37,500

SEO Marketing - £37,500


As you can see there is a wide variance with Product marketing paying the best and social media marketing the least on average.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Product marketing typically has more senior roles which would help boost it.


Digital Marketing Salaries by Experience


The salary you can expect as a digital marketer will differ based on your experience - as is seen in most other industries.


Below we’ve shown salaries at each level of experience but it is worth taking these with a pinch of salt as the other factors we have mentioned will have a big impact!


Internship - £20,000

Entry Level - £23,000

Junior (1-2 years) - £30,000

Intermediate (3-4 years) - £45,000

Senior (5-9 years) - £63,000

Leadership/Expert (10 years+) - £75,000


These salaries are approximate estimates and would require career progression through promotions to achieve, rather than remaining in the same role for a long period of time.

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