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What are average UK salaries in SEO?

Salaries in SEO can vary widely from around £24,000 for an entry level SEO executive role (calculated by Glassdoor) up to around £120,000 for a Head of SEO role at a large business.


Major factors on salary include the years of experience you have and where in the country the job is located, with more years experience and London based roles paying a premium vs less experience and other parts of the country.


Freelance or contract opportunities can pay better than full time jobs but with less security. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the most popular SEO jobs below to give you an idea of what the different salaries are.


Head of SEO/SEO Director


Head of SEOs can earn up to £120,000 in the UK with an average pay of around £53,600 according to Glassdoor.


SEO Executive


SEO Executives earn on average £25,000 and can make up to £33,000 dependent on the year’s experience that they have. 


Technical SEO Specialist


There is a large range in what a technical SEO specialist’s salary can be with people with large amounts of experience making up to £80,000. More junior employees can expect around £30,000.


SEO Analyst


An SEO Analyst’s salary on average is £25,700 but this can reach up to £40,000 for those with the most experience. 


SEO Copywriter


An SEO copywriter can expect to earn £23,000 on average, lower than the other SEO roles. This can increase as they build experience and can reach up to £40,000 if working in London too.

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